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"Austin Digital Printing just completed a large order for my firm. What a great job they did, all at a great value and in a short period. I look forward to working with them more in the future and would suggest you give them a try."

— John A. Hay III,
Hay Compere PLLC,
Attorney at Law

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Paper, Inks and Bindery

Our inks are environmentally friendly while maintaining a lustrous look Want to know more about the supplies we use to provide our customers with superior products? Below is an overview of paper types, printer inks and the bindery process used to take your project from file to finished product.


Austin Digital Printing can print on a large variety of offset papers giving you flexibility when selecting printing materials. Sheet thickness can range from 60g/m2 (0.002'') thin art paper up to 0.30 mm (0.012") thick cardboard. Our presses are also flexible in format. From a four color postcard to a 12 x 18 poster format and beyond!


Our presses at Austin Digital Printing print with CMYK dry inks on various types of paper. Dry inks are environmentally friendly while maintaining a lustrous look. The feel and gloss of an ink absorbed into paper defines quality and beauty. Our Ricoh press' printing quality is comparable to all other offset printing products.


Saddle Stitched – The simple saddle stitch is a great binding option for manuals with up to 80 pages.

Perfect Bound – Square-finished binding for higher page count manuals. Austin Digital can provide perfect bound manuals on quick turns with low minimums.

Wire Bound – Available in black or white Wire-O, the combination of digital printing and wire binding offers you an affordable solution for printing the manuals you need. Wire-O works on manuals with up to 380 pages.

Loose Leaf – Let us print your documents on-demand. For manuals and documents needing frequent updates or changes, 3-hole punch and a binder are the perfect solution for your printing needs.

Other – We do many specialty projects including menus, registration cards, license agreements, product announcements, etc.